3rd Annual Arne Backstrom Memorial Blasthathon September 21 & 22nd 2013

3rd Annual Arne Backstrom Memorial Fund Blastathon!



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Media Trip Report in SKI Magazine

Some great shout outs to Storm Day in here! It was a great trip. Can’t wait for winter!

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BASICS Helmet Awareness Video

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POC Helmets and Armor for Stormday Say Sales!

New for 2013 Stormday Sales will be representing POC! We are so thrilled to be working with this brand, the quality and the team are just amazing, and a great fit to what we have going. Check back to see some product reviews. Initially I am so stoked on little details as I get to become more familiar with the product. The lense quality, the protection and fit of the helmets, to the lightweight and waterproof leather Wrist gloves- I’m just as stoked to be using this stuff as I am to be selling it!

POC mission statement:

POC is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission; to do everything we can to possibly save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents, for gravity sports athletes, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about.”


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Blastathon 2012 Video

This video is too good not have a permanent home on StormDay! Get Involved. You’re the Man Arne!

Huge thanks to Ralph Backstrom for a great job with the edit and filming.


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Mag Results- Again!

Unreal results again in the buyers guides this year…Bonafide Number 1 in Freeskier, Ski (two years in row) and goes from number 2 to number 1 in Skiing. Cochise- two years in a row in SKIING Mag! Number 1 Big Mountain ski too in Freeskier. Bodacious and Gunsmoke also slayed it!



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Boardroom Surf Expo

Well this was one of those weeks I pinch myself because of where my job takes me. I went to the Bay Area first and scored Ocean Beach going off! Then I cruised to LA, surfed some great waves in the morning and visited my key account Sports Ltd in Woodland Hills. These guys do a great job in representing the great line up of Tecnica Blizzard. I then cruised to Docs Ski and Sport Santa Monica, then went to Future Fins HQ in Huntington. What an awesome facility. Thanks to Taylor who buffed me out with some new Jordy Smith Signature fin Protos- sick! Then I washed that down with an evening session at Trestles which was also going mental! Today we went to the Boardroom Surf Expo. I checked in with the guys from Futures and ran into some legends at the show. We got to hang with Maurice Cole at the Patagonia booth and also spent some time with Shawn Vechione from the Cape! Anyway check the pics- it’s weeks like this that make me love my job.

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Fall Sales Meeting…and East Coast Hurricane Swell

I have been with Storm Day Sales and the Tecnica/Blizzard Family now for 23 days and I couldn’t be more excited. I recently had the opportunity to travel back to the East Coast for the Fall Sales Meeting and the 2nd Annual Coldwater Classic. Clem informed me that there was some epic hurricane swell materializing so I grabbed every piece of neoprene I owned and headed out East a few days early. The surf was amazing. We covered all of the basis; reef breaks, beach breaks, point breaks and even one strange place that combined all three into a long right hander. We surfed from Rhode Island to New Hamshire and found better surf than we have seen all summer in California.

We arrived in NH early for the surf, and then had to buckle down to company business, luckily surfing was still included. The Tecnica/Blizzard family couldn’t be more fun. We surfed every morning and evening and still got all of the business done during the day. The sales team is more ready than ever to make sure that every person on the hill can enjoy the wonders of Flipcore skis and Cochise boots. The 2nd Annual Cold Water Classic got under way the third day and saw some serious progression in the surfing. The winner, AKA Ninja of the Year, Pat Sipe managed to pull off a mid wave board change. Here are a few photos of the surf and the sales meeting.

Words by Hunter Claxton
Photos by Hunter Claxton and Frank Shine.

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Arne Backstrom Blastathon 2.0!

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Welcome aboard Hunter Claxton!

I’d like to give a huge welcome to a new addition to Storm Day Sales, Hunter Claxton. I am really fired up and Hunter is going do a great job for us. Please see his bio below!

By Hunter Claxton,

Whats happening world! A little about me, I grew up in the Bay Area skiing weekends at Squaw and surfing ocean beach. I attended college at the University of Colorado Boulder and spent my free time competing in big mountain freeride competitions all over the US. For the last 3 years I have been working in a management position at The Start Haus in Truckee, CA. During that time I have worn the hat of the buyer, bootfitter, sales associate, HR and management. I have learned so much from this experience and will have a lot to contribute in my new role with SDS. In my time with Start Haus, I have become very knowledgeable in the race side of the sport and I look forward to using that knowledge to further grow Tec/Bliz in the race and pro communities in this territory.

I am very excited for the opportunity to work with Storm Day Sales and Tecnica/Blizzard. I have been skiing on Tec/Bliz since January 2008 and haven’t looked back. The product has come such a long way in those 6 years and I couldn’t be more stoked to be representing a product that performs at such an incredibly high level.

In my spare time you can find me mountain biking, surfing, backcountry skiing, and stand-up paddling all over California. I look forward to a very successful, snow filled and most importantly FUN 2012-2013 ski season. See you all out on the slopes!



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