For those of you familiar with CAPE COD in Mass., you might know about this famous spot.  The BEACHCOMBER is located in Wellfleet, MA on the ocean side (vs. Bay Side) of Cape Cod.  My first experience gettin’ loose at ‘the cape’ was with Clem back in the NH while working at the ‘mothership’ (Tecnica/Blizzard USA Headquarters).  We saw a great concert put on by Dick Dale…(famous guitar on the Theme Song for Pulp Fiction)

The BEACHCOMBER has great ‘bar food’ that is mainly seafood along with some fantastic cocktails.  It provides an amazing atmosphere with fantastic music most nights.  It’s a must SEE if you are ever near Wellfleet.  The cover charge to get in is a little steep most of the time, but well worth it if you want to have a great time.  There is some surfing to be done just a short 30 yards down the sand dune to the amazing beach that stretches beyond your sights and also offers a great spot to just chill at the beach.

I just got back from a wedding at the Cape and of course we needed to have a night at the BEACHCOMBER!

by Dana

Amanda and her Cousin Katie Dancing the Night Away

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