Storm Day Sales and Marketing Agency was created in 2009 to represent action sports brands in California and Nevada. Now a huge change is underway, in 2014 Stormday is relocating back to Colorado where I got my start in the industry. We are priveledged that this move means we will now be working with K2 Sports and Backcountry Access brands and servicing our great retail partners in the Colorado rockies. See you soon on the hill or on the singletrack!

Information you can find on this site:
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Clem Smith

2 Responses to About

  1. Betsy Osborne says:

    I am looking for GS and Slalom skis for my 15 year old. He is 5’8 140 lbs. Looking in the 180 range 155 range for slalom. Can you help??? As always, Betsy Osborne


  2. MMK says:

    Hey guys –
    Looking to get a pair of Blizzard Bonafides (thinking I’m going to go with the 166, I’m 5’9″/150lbs) and wondering what bindings you’d recommend? Markers? Then, do you happen to know anywhere I can get a good deal on them? My local mountain is Squaw but would order from whoever has the best deal around.



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