Flip Core Vid!

The reason these new sticks are so insane…

This is technology that’s patent pending by Blizzard. Our production technique is why the skis are so good. Arne’s idea for the “upside down ski” translated by our engineers into Flip Core. Its not just another “me too” rocker story trying so hard to have some kinda catchy marketing jargon that is merely talking about the bottom contour on the skis. Flip Core production is a real technology that eliminates a lot of the extra force normal rockered skis have to endure during the production phase- they are “forced” into a rockered state with pressure adjustments to the mold. That’s why normal rockered skis are more unstable at speed with poor hard snow performance. Blizzard Flip Core gives the rider all the benefits of a fully rockered ski, but with none of the negative side effects. This is the reason why all these skis tested so well and are selling so fast. From the Bodacious to the Black Pearl, Flip Core is what makes these rip!

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