We’ve got some great friends at Patagonia. Last season I was lucky enough to test the new Fall 2011 Powderbowl Pants and Jacket. This stuff was killer. I think it looks super cool, and fits perfect. Not too baggy, but allows great freedom of movement and there is still room for layers underneath. I am kinda over the super baggy, Summit County park rat look with tall t’s and shit hanging out with your goggles underneath your helmet. Half of those kids look like they just crawled out of a dumpster.  I know I sound like an old fart but that’s how I feel.

The jacket and pants also held up to season of abuse really well. No tearing or rips, or abrasion marks. Even the cuff guards on the legs withstood lotsa of contact with my burred up ski edges. The new addition of Gore Tex kept me warm and dry during all the storm days we got to ski in this year. Every year the Patagonia stuff keeps getting more functional, better fitting and more stylish as well.  All in all great stuff.

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  1. Mongo says:

    What a great review Clemmer, real over achiever


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