My Super Sick FCD Surfboard Quiver

I keep looking at our webpage stats and every week the “Other stuff we like” keeps getting some of the top views. Fine- if everyone could give a S$#@! about nasty fat skis then you are going to be forced into checking out my boards. This very much is “other stuff” that I like. In fact I’m very partial to my Fletcher Chouinard Designs (FCD) quiver.

I started getting boards off of Fletcher Chouinard after one of my best friends Glen became a wetsuit designer at Patagonia (parent company of FCD). Through him I became friends with Fletch which is a big part of it, and seeing first hand through trips through Ventura how the boards were made. The EPS closed cell foam and triple glass epoxy resin makes the boards incredibly durable. Its such a bummer to fork over $600 and have your boards deck look like a golf ball after a few surfs. Also they are all made in Ventura, and tested all over the world so you know they will work well when its not so perfect, which is 90% of the time in Cali.

I’ve been really pleased so far. Its awesome to give feedback to Fletch and get boards that are 100% dialed in for me. I’m an odd size for a surfer, being 6’2″ and 200 lbs and living in Reno makes it tough for me to get boards that work well and aren’t to big or too small. Plus the fact that all my boards barely have any dings or pressure dents after numerous surfs is a testament to the durability and craftsmanship that goes in to them.

FCD Quiver L-r: 6’8″ KMRP, 6’5″ DM3, 6’3″ Octo, 6’0″ Fark


6’0″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 3/8″ Fark Model

6’0″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 3/8″ Swallow Tail

This is set up as a quad fin and has been a blast for when its not good condition wise. This is the second Fark I’ve owned. I had a 5’11” that was killer in good waves but didn’t quite grovel as well as I wanted when the waves were shit and I was wearing a thick wetsuit. The 6’0″ works awesome, the thing just flies without even trying. Keep pressure on your back foot with the quad set up for optimum enjoyment. I’m running Future Fins Simon Anderson Quads right now for fins.

6’3″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ Octo Squash

6’3″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ Squash Tail

This thing is unreal. Great summer board when its chest to overhead. Turns great in the pocket, and is short enough for good shaped, but smaller waves. I got some great little barrels at OB last fall with this and it worked really well last summer in some great point surf in Mexico. I’m running Futures Wade Tokoro or Al Merrick Tech Flex AM2(Thanks Fritz!) fins on this one.

6’5″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 9/16″ DM3 Swallow

6’5″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 9/16″ Swallow Tail

This thing is currently my new fav. Ben from FCD told me about this board when I was down there last November. It was a custom for another rep actually and he never picked it up. Well that sure was his loss… It was perfect for me so I pulled the trigger two weeks later. Its a great winter shortboard for me. The extra foam is great when I’m out of surf shape and wearing a thick wetsuit in Nor Cal. The swallow tail holds great, generates speed super fast down the line and turns in the pocket really well. Had some killer waves this summer so far in Santa Cruz on this. Can’t wait to get it into some nice lefts!! This board and my Fark have been constant companions on my recent trips to the coast. Ive experimented and keep coming back to the Futures WCT template fins for this one.

6’8″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 7/16″ KMRP round pin

6’8″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 7/16″KMRP

This is my step up board for winter juice. Unreal drive and stability. Works unreal from head high to DOH. Had some great sessions in fall and winter when its been pumping on this board. Can’t wait to use it again this fall and winter! I go back and forth between Futures WCT and Wade Tokoro fins for this one. At the end of the day I live in Reno so it really doesn’t matter right?!



6'6" F-Rocket

6’6″ F-Rocket

So here is a new pic of my quiver, but I want to point out my new FCD custom F-Rocket 6’6″x19 5/8″ x 2 7/8″. I ordered this after seeing Kohl Christenson ride a 7’6″ in conditions he normally would have been on a 9-10′ board at macking Cloudbreak. I wanted a board that I would use as a step up for well overhead to Double Overhead+ waves that paddled well but then still had the shortness for turning etc once I was in the wave.  I had it in big 10-15ft OB waves, kinda junky but it was crazy how easy it caught waves, although conditions were a little bumpy for a board thats that short. Ive had it now over this winter in anything from overhead OB to triple overhead Tres Palmas in Puerto Rico. Its taken the place of my 6’8″ and 7’2″ mini gun. It has the same liters of foam as my mini gun I got last winter (7’2″ x 19.5 x 2 3/4″ 38.96 Liters) and should theoretically have the same, if not more applications.

Custom dimensions

Custom dimensions

So far its been the most versatile board I’ve ever had for this spot in my quiver. When its smaller, like overhead size the additional foam has been sweet as a crowd better when youre just going for barrels, and if you put in smaller fins you can loosen the board up for turns. At Tres Palmas when it was huge I was little undergunned, primarily becuase the crowd was on bigger boards and there was little bump on it, so I picked off a couple smaller waves out there but it was IMG_4600still pretty functional. My best few sessions were a week this fall in at OB when it was solid, double overhead, and good conditions. It was a blast, so solid and fast, and fun to have a shorter board. Ive been running the Futures EA template quads, because of the flat foiled rear trailers, then when it smaller Ive been swapping out those rears for smaller regular foil F4 template trailers to loosen it up a bit. Anyway its been a sweet board so far, its the perfect 2nd step traveler board in a 2-3 board quiver.


L-R: 7’2″ Mini Gun, 6’8″ KMRP 6’5″ DM3, 6’4″ Vec V-S quad, 6’3″ Octo, 6’0″ Fark


F rocket in the Mentawais




6’2″ FCD Mullet in small Mentawais



**Update shot L-R: 7’2″ Mini-gun, 6’6″ F Rocket, 6’5″ DM3, 6’2″ TBD Custom 5 fin, 6’0″ Fark

45 Responses to My Super Sick FCD Surfboard Quiver

  1. great review mate!! these are the exact dimensions i’m after. hoping to copy your quiver now. ha ha. i’m also the same weight and height as you. your right its dam hard to get boards that last and the suit our stature. thanks heap for the info, you just made up my mind on fcd’s.


    • dayne mxbride says:

      got a 6’6 ranchero, stoked!!! looking at a 6’6 octo and 6’10 kmrp now!!! yew! these boards are sick!!!


  2. cleathers says:

    I second the above. I was on teh fence.. but this real world example gives me a much better idea of what the boards are. I am going to start I think with a fark, along the same specs. ITs nice to see how its shape compares to the other boards in the photo.


  3. Phillip Leone says:

    What’s up man? I love your boards! I’m roughly the same size as yourself. I’m 6’1-6’2, 210lbs, and rock a r3 hooded suit. I live and surf in Sonoma County. I surf Salmon Creek, this break is a lot like OB in SF. I really like your DM3 swallow (6’5). How is that board?
    Anyways, I was wondering if your trying to sell any of your boards? And if you know what the volumes are on all the boards are?

    Thanks man, talk with you soon.

    Phillip Leone


  4. Jeff says:

    Dude – i love your quiver. I’ve got an octo, dm3, quark, huevo, sled, and beaver tail for my boards. i’m 6’0 185 and am really looking at the F rocket for some waves in Fiji. Do you like your 6’6 F rocket or would you have gone with a 6’8 instead? – Jeff


    • Sick! Where you heading in Fiji? My buddy is a guide at Namotu I’m dying to get to Cloudbreak and the waves around there. So I got my 6’6″ F rocket pretty early on, and got it custom for my weight (205lb). I wanted to consolidate my 6’8″ KMRP and my 7’2″ mini gun. I was trying to get the volume as close to my 7-2 as possible without messing the board up. I got it a touch thicker than stock, maybe an 1/8″ and 1/3″ wider. My brother just got a stock 6-6 FRocket and it looked pretty awesome. I got my board to be a go to between solid overhead to double overhead and maybe a little bigger than that. In Hawaii scale I’d say I like to use this board for 4-8ft at max. I’ve got a few waves at OB on some epic days that were DOH, slight offshore on it (6-8ft) and it was sweet, super fast and really fun to have a small board in waves that size. It was also a little easier to duckdive too because of the leverage you have on it. I always hated how cumbersome the 7-2 felt once I caught the wave. It’s also nice to use as a crowd beater when it’s around 4ft. My only thing is sometimes when it’s at the edge of its comfort zone it can feel any kinda bumps in the wave face, where a longer board might smooth it out? I had a day in Puerto Rico at Christmas this year that was 6-10ft, huge, guys were out on 9’0″ proper guns and I got a couple of smaller waves, so it caught em ok but when you’re on a wave that big you felt the shortness when there was a little bump on the face. So that’s it, I guess it depends on the size waves you want it for. If you want it as a good step up/mini gun traveler I’d say go 6-6 you’d be fine on it for anything shy of the the most epic days. If you want it to take the place of a 7-4 or anything above, or you are surfing big windier locations like Hawaii I’d say the 6-8 then. You can always tell the guys at FCD your dims on your fav boards and they can give you an idea of the volume thats working best for you and go from there. Fin wise get the five fin set up. I love quads, and Ive been running Futures EA fiberglass quads with flat foil rears, and when its smaller I run smaller F4 symetrical foil trailers to loosen it up in smaller waves. Hope that helps have a blast in Fiji.


  5. Jeff says:

    Clem – this really helps thanks! I’m going to Namotu and am trying to prepare for Cloudbreak. My ideal wave there would be to get something just over head high – i don’t think i can handle anything bigger than that going backside. I’m used to surfing So Cal waves – so i don’t have much big wave experience besides dropping into closeouts. And that is a great point on the winds… hoping for the best.

    last questions- can you duck dive the board? does it work for other types of waves, or only for macking conditions?


    • Sweet, if its macking out at cloudbreak you can always surf Restaurants which will be smaller. There are good rights around there too. You won’t need an F rocket unless it starts to get overhead. The F- Rocket is pretty gunny, so if its under head high it’s gonna feel a little stiff, but it sounds like you’ve got plenty of other boards like Octos or DM3 for smaller waves. I found that by putting in smaller fins in the F rocket it loosens it up so if you’re surfing waves that are just overhead on it it will still turn well and you have the advantage of the extra foam to get into the wave early and get barreled. I found that the F Rocket duck dives a lot better than i expected it to, because its short-ish length, and Im pretty tall, you can leverage it under the wave easier. Put it this way, it duck dives better than my 7’2″ mini gun, and both boards are within .02 liter of each other volume wise. If you don’t have ambitions of surfing double overhead and larger waves on it then the 6-6 should be fine to transition you into juicier waves.



    • Sorry as far as waves go, yes, it def likes juice, but if its big and kinda mushy too it’s pretty fun. If its smaller and mushy, then it feels stiff, a little sluggish, but that’s not what the board is for, and you’ve got other boards for that, but as far as step ups/mini guns go, it’s the most versatile board I’ve ever had for that spot in my quiver. If you are taking only two boards somewhere its the perfect 2nd traveler board. Like I ‘ll be traveling with either my Fark, DM3 or this new 6’2″ I have and always the F Rocket.


  6. Jeff says:

    Hey Clem – Just a quick f/u. i took your advice and got a 6’6 F rocket for my fiji trip with light blue resin tint and 5 fin boxes. stoked! can’t wait to ride it. Would you recommend those Future EA fins for hollow waves?


    • Hey Jeff- Nice one! Yes the EA fins are sweet, EA fiberglass quads have flat foiled (vs symmetrically foiled) rear trailers so they work exceptionally well in hollow waves. Also the new Honeycomb F4 Quad fins have a flat foil rear if you can’t find the EA. The guys at FCD have a bunch of good fins there I’m sure they’ll get you dialed. Have fun in Feej! -Clem


  7. mudbone says:

    Hey Clem,
    i have a question about your Fark’s.
    The 5’11” you had was 2 9/16″ thick, and your 6′, is 2 3/8 thick.
    Did you end up with about the same liter’s.?
    And how did this change the performance.?


    • MudBone-
      My 5-11 Fark was custom, and my 6-0 was stock, and the stock one was considerably wider than my 5-11, like .5 “. I think liter wise the 6-0 was a little more. There is a volume chart now on the FCD website that’s really helpful. Fortunately/unfortunately for me my 6-0 was crushed by the airlines. I replaced it with a used Fark I got from one of their ambassadors that was way thicker, but narrower, more liters. I actually love this board. Helped me figure out my boards ideally should be between 34-38 liters depending on the shape. As far as Farks go everyone I’ve had has been killer, the more volume I’ve had it’s just been faster, more forgiving in below avg waves. They hold great so there’s none of that corky feeling you get on a traditional fish when the shapes too big.


  8. Lorenzo says:

    Hi Clem- would love to hear your thoughts about the 6’6″ f rocket vs your kmrp. I am thinking about getting one of those two boards for bigger days at ocean beach in sf.


    • Hey Lorenzo-

      Yeah I had a 6-8 KMRP but Ive sold it because the F-Rocket has taken its place. My F-Rocket has has way more foam (almost 5L more- its custom) so it paddles way better. It still holds awesome and is great in hollow waves. I love my F-Rocket because it has taken the place of both my step up, and my mini-gun, so its become my go-to board when it starts to get overhead at OB. Its still short enough that it doesnt feel overly long when its not quite massive, and paddles really well when its DOH. A 6-6 F-Rocket will be a lot more board than a 6-6 KMRP. Im not sure how big you are so I’m just going off of the stock dimensions. Anyway, the KMRP is really just a round pin shortboard for good, hollow waves, rather than a true step up design. I feel like a lot of guys have just been buying that board in larger sizes to use as a step up (which it does work great for), vs the F-Rocket was designed from the get-go as a bigger wave board in a shorter outline. The Fark is the same way, it looks kinda fishy, but really it’s a high performance board meant to be ridden in a very short length. When I ordered my 6-6 F-Rocket I had them base the volume off my 7-2 Minigun (Kraken?) because I liked the paddling of it, it just felt way to long once I made the drop. Now Ive got a board that paddles like my 7-2, but turns well when I want it to. Like in previous comments I think if you run some smaller fins, or smaller trailers when it s a quad it helps loosen the board up for smaller, but head-overhead days when you want a crowd beater because of the foam. As far as performance goes I really havent looked back, I like getting in wave earlier on the F-Rocket, the quad is so fast, its maybe not as flicky, but its close, and all the other benefits outweigh the KMRP (for what I was using it for). Duckdiving at OB is obviously something to think about, and where the F-Rocket isnt as easy as the KMRP was, its still not that bad, and all that extra foam helps get you out the back that much quicker if you time it right. Hope that hepls.


  9. Brian says:

    Love your reviews.
    What is the 6’2 five fin board that you have?
    Would love to hear about it.


  10. Justin St-Laurent says:

    Great reviews man, really swaying towards picking up a DM3.

    Do you happen to be selling yours?

    Thanks a lot,



  11. Jesse says:

    Great reviews. Love my 7’4 but hate the length after I take off. Would a 6’8 F Rocket do the trick? I like riding small boards in big waves. The goal is to have a board for double to triple overhead that I can actually do turns on. I’m 5’9 so there is a chance the 6’6 might be perfect. Thoughts


    • Hi Jesse,

      That’s exactly why I wanted an F-rocket. I’d use my 7-2 in DOH and just feel lame once I got it on the wave. The. F Rocket solves that 100%. The 6-6 would probably be sweet for you. I’m using a 6-6 as well but I ordered it custom to bump up the volume to match my 7-2 (which also had been bumped up). Both are just shy of 39 liters. I think the stock 6-6 maybe is around 35 or so? Anyway I bet a stock 6-6 would be perfect. Sometimes if it’s big with a little bump on it I wish I had a little more length but if it’s clean it’s sweet. You should be fine on a 6-6 though, get the 5 fin option too.



  12. steve says:

    I have a 6’0 Fark, and was wondering how you like the Simon Anderson fins? Any feedback on fins you’ve tried with this board would be much appreciated. I weigh about 180-185ish.


    • Steve, I like the simon fins here a lot. Futures is offering rear trailers now in tech flex and honeycomb constructions now too, sold separately, so you can mix and match more affordably too. I really like the AM2 Quads too. You might wanna try the EA quads too with flat foil, I’ve got about 20lbs on you, and I run those on my F rocket. I bet they’d be sweet on the fark.


  13. William Russell says:

    you’ve got great taste in boards! I have a question about the FRocket. Im looking at getting it in a 6’2 version to be a head high to a couple feet overhead board but Im a little curious how its going to handle, turns and such. Will it be to fast a put me out on the shoulder at big point breaks? Do I even need a board like this if its not super hollow?

    Any advice on the Frocket as a day to day bigger wave board would help.



    • Thanks! So I got my F Rocket as a step up board for days that were around 8-15ft (wave face) 8ft only if it was crowded or really fast. Im not sure how big you are so Im kinda unsure what to tell you, I think head high and a couple feet overhead would be fine on the F rocket but you are at the absolute small end there. The 6-2 would be a largish wave board for someone pretty small, like less than 150lbs would be my guess. Its a pretty gunny outline when its stock dimensions, however if you get a custom version that has a higher volume for a bigger person you will probably need not only thickness but added width as well. This will make more curve in the outline and make it more turny in smaller surf. My board is about 1/3″ wider than stock and Ive been really happy with it. I havent surfed it in Indo (yet!) but Ive been real happy with it at OB. I have found that putting smaller fins in there has loosened it up for when its small, and if I were you I would make sure you get a 5 fin version, that way you can can set it up as a thruster if you are worried about too much speed and getting out to the shoulder too quickly. If I could do it over that’s the one thing I would change, I ordered mine quad only because I had just got back from a trip and was all fired up on quads. I still am, but I like geeking out and having the 5 fin set up. Hope that helps. -Clem


  14. William Russell says:

    Killer Thanks so much!!!



  15. Matt says:

    Clem- Have you ridden the Quark at all? I am on the fence about the 5’10” or 6’0″. There seems to be a big difference in the amount of foam between the two. I plan on rocking the Stretch Future’s. I am 6’1″ 180-185 and usually ride shorter boards. Decisions decisions.


    • I have ridden the Quark, I owned a 6-2 in 2008 or 2009 I think? I liked it ok, I prefer the Fark more. I think the Quark is good I think I was just kinda over tri fins at the time and wanted to get the Fark as everyone was raving about it, and it had a quad set up. Not trying to talk you out of the quark if thats what youre into, I’d go with the 6-0. It doesnt have as much volume in a shorter area as the Fark does. You could probably go 5-11 or 5-10 on a Fark as it has more volume. If youre surfing with a wetsuit i think you’d be stoked on the extra volume on a 6-0 Quark.


  16. ben valente says:

    Clem- Thanks for the write up man. Although it sounds like you love your f-rocket, any chance it is going to be for sale any time soon?


  17. Its been great reading about your quiver, any more new/thoughts on the F-Rocket?


  18. ben valente says:

    Hey Clem- Been looking at boards and came here to compare some different sizes and saw your reply. Not sure if you emailed me or not but i never saw it if you did. Definitely hit me up if the fark is still around and available. Thanks!


  19. jeff s. says:

    Hey Clem – any thoughts or experience with the new FCD mullet? trying to see if i should pick one or up just stick to my octo. it shape reminds me of the Merrick new flyer or some of the shorter/wide surfboards out there.


    • Dude! I got one last year, that’s the 6-2 in the photo. It’s mental. Best board fletch has ever made for performance waves IMO. Waist high Cardiff or overhead telescopes it was unreal. Get 5 fin and swallow tail for most range, my squash works insane in gutless waves. -Clem


  20. adrian says:

    hey enjoying the thread …do you guys know anything about the FCD mullet ? or have ridden it


    • Adrian- Check out the pics above, Im riding mine in the Ments, and its the 6’2″ “TBD” in the quiver pic at bottom. I got one beofre they had an official name for it. Its Dan Ross’s pro model and its my favorite FCD shortboard ever. Ive actually got rid of my Fark because this board is so sweet for waves waist high to a foot overhead. I love it because its a super modern, SoCal inspired shape (Shorter/wider) that works awesome in sub par conditions. Ive had great sessions on it in Cardiff waist high dribblers to a couple sweet spots in the Mentawais when it was head to overhead and perfect. I have my 6’2x 20.25x 2.75 (35.5 L) with a five fin set up. Its really forgiving, loose and super fast down the line. Id say it has a little limitations in waves that are bigger and powerful, but Ive got other boards for that- and its probably more me than the board. I know Dan rides his 5’11” in gnarly waves, but he’s a former WCTer, and I am not…Anyway I love this board, I feel like its a great step for Fletch and co. as his normal, classic shortboards work really well when its solid, and this design has been what Ive been looking for in a high performance small-ish wave design from FCD. I’m pretty sure it comes stock with a swallow tail so the stock one probably has a bit better top end range. My custom is a wide squash tail. Its a single to slight double with a slight vee off the tail. Its starts with a low entry rocker/middle of board with a nice bit of tail rocker so its loose surfing it off the back foot. My go to fin set up is the Futures Tech Flex AM2 five fins which work awesome when its set up quad, and once in a while when its bumpy I throw in Jordy large fins as a thruster set up. Anyway I can’t say enough good things about the Mullet, hopefully they get more stats about this board on their website soon. A couple guys on my boat trip last summer had Mullets too, and we all love them. Between the Mullet and an F Rocket its probably the best two board travel quiver you could get from FCD. I brought my 7’2″, 6’6″ F rocket, 6’5″ DM3 and my 6’2″ Mullet to a month in Indo and Mentawais last summer and I used my Mullet and F rocket 99% of the time. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions. –Clem


  21. Charles says:

    Thanks for the insight.

    I’m an average surfer (at best) who usually rides a 9’00” in the garbage we have here in South Carolina (California transplant). We have a trip to the Telo Islands in April so I just ordered a 7’6″ Huevo with a 4+1 setup.

    I need one more board and am considering the F-Rocket. Since I’m of average ability, not sure which length. Any insight? I’m 6’01”, 180lbs.

    Many thanks,


    • Id check out a 6’8″ F rocket. The waves in the telos are usually pretty ripable and dont get too huge unless you go to a few spots. You will probably ride this board more than the 7-6 as the waves are smaller but quite hollow, or another board thats easy to ride and has more rocker would be a 6-8 mako.


  22. Matt says:

    Hey man I’m interested in a board with dims around 6’1 – 6’2, 19 1/8 – 19 1/4, and 2 3/8 and I’m pretty much trying to decide between the Mullet and the Octo, any recommendations? Also could you tell me what the pricing ends up being? Thats a major factor for me too


    • Hi Matt- I bet the boards are the same price but they wind up being in the same ball park as a CI or Lost and last way longer. Contact FCD directly- I’m just a customer. I like my mullet way more than the octo, it’s way easier to surf and has a more modern outline and goes a lot better in sub par conditions. Hope that helps.


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