Tecnica Inferno Series / Race to Retail

It’s now time to learn about the RETAIL and RACE advantages of the TECNICA INFERNO series of ski boots.  This series will accommodate any ATHLETE and even MOM and DAD!

Scott Cooper / Sugar Bowl Academy / Tecnica Blizzard Athlete / Photo Credit TCRA TV

The Inferno Series of boots is designed for folks with narrow feet. Inferno is fits fantastic because; 1) we dropped the ramp angle of the zeppa (boot board) to make your foot settle into a more relaxed position  2)the upgraded liner materials and 3) the ‘forward lean’ angle is more upright creating a more relaxed feel while in the ski boot.  If you have narrow feet there were 3 specific barriers for you to get the PROPER SKI BOOT, which TECNICA has addressed.

1)  You could find a ski boot that would fit, but it was too stiff as all narrow ski boots were RACE specific boots.

  • TECNICA: Inferno offers flex ratings all the way down to a 100 flex for the intermediate skiers to 130 flex for more advanced skiers; as well as women specific models down to a 90 flex.

2)  Because the boot was RACE specific, it was such a pain in the #$^ to get on and off.

  • TECNICA: On all Inferno boots (7 different models), we feature QUICK INSTEP.  It is a soft co-molded plastic over the instep for easy on and off.

3)  Race boots are expensive, because of the high-end materials.

  • TECNICA: Inferno boots are priced as low as $449 retail, not $799 for a race boot.
Retail Inferno Family:


The Tecnica Inferno Race Series of boots has an offering for ALL ages and skier abilities.  Here are the models available and some highlights.
Inferno R 150 – 95mm / lace-up liner / cuff buckle protectors / FIS athletes
Inferno R 130 - 95mm / lace-up liner / cuff buckle protectors / FIS athletes
Inferno 130 – 98mm / power chassis / power lock strap /quick instep
Inferno 110 – 98mm / softer version of 130 / no power chassis / no power lock strap
Inferno 90 – 98mm / lower cuff height than 130 & 110
Inferno 70 – progressive flex system / carbon steel buckles
Inferno 60 – progressive flex system / plastic buckles

2011-12 Tecnica Inferno R 150

Aside from being an extremely comfortable race boot, the Tecnica Inferno 130 features a powerlock strap and power chassis.  Power Chassis is a unique carbon steel piece inserted into the sole of the boot.  The carbon steel frame will enhance edge grip and give your boot a more rigid feeling while knifing through hard snow and cutting through any other snow condition.  It’s like adding sidewall or metal to a ski.  The powerlock strap has a unique synching style that will not release when pressure from a SL gate potentially slaps the mechanism.  The only way it will release is if the latch is pulled.

One unique offering in the Inferno 90, is that we are the only skiboot manufacturer offering a true size 21.5 (260mm) for the extremely small foot.  This is a good boot for ladies as well as junior athletes.

2011-12 Tecnica Inferno 70

The Tecnica Inferno Race 70 is the benchmark for junior race boots.  This boot has dominated junior racing (mainly J4/5) in the last 5 years because of its fit and performance.  Perhaps the most overlooked feature in this boot is the Progressive Flex System.  This is important for this age group and ability of skiers.  To simplify, we design the smaller sizes to be softer flexing and as the sizes go up as does the flex of the boot.  Generally if you or your child has a larger foot, you need a stiffer boot as an example.  The BODACIOUS Jr. boot is the same boot, with a different graphic for those who don’t want the ‘race look’.  So don’t worry, we have something to offer no matter what you need.

2011-12 Tecnica Bodacious Jr.

Whether you are a race, freeride or big mountain junior athlete, the TECNICA INFERNO series will have a boot for you.


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