Bodacious Ski Boot Review

2011-12 Tecnica Bodacious Ski Boot Review:

by Dana Greenwood

As you’ve read about the Bodacious Ski, I’m sure you noticed how important Arne was to the TECBLIZZ family.  It didn’t stop with FLIP CORE; he also had major influence on the Bodacious Boot!

As I was driving a typical ‘SoCal’ loop for clinics in the fall of 2009, Arne called me and asked if he could spend some time in ‘man-land’ (my garage) and use my tools.  Of course I said yes.  While driving around we talked on the phone here and there about what he was doing.  Long story short, he was reengineering his Diablo Race R 150 boots to be ‘dynafit/tech’ compatible (see photo)

He wanted to maximize the performance and skiing experience of the downhill journey of backcountry skiing, yet allowing lightweight binding function for the the uphill journey.  Many folks that love the backcountry/sidecountry wish they had a ski boot that would perform as their ‘inbounds’ ski boot.  Arne took it into his own hands and created a perfect set-up for functional ascents and enjoyable descents.  You can see the ‘frank-n-boot’ at the Squaw Valley Museum…or Clems House!

This idea led to another innovative product by Tecnica called the BODACIOUS.


130 Flex
98mm last
25.0-30.5 Sizes

Ski boots in general are far too overlooked by the general consumer and even ‘pros’.  In my opinion, they are the most important part of your ski gear.  With this said, the Bodacious is the perfect high performance and versatile expert level ski boot.  We took all the angles (forward lean/zeppa) from Inferno and utilized it for Demon (replaces Dragon).  The Bodacious is a 98mm plug version of Demon and offers amazing performance.  Some highlighted features include replaceable TECNIGRIP (our version of vibram) DIN compatible toe/heel lugs (with optional ‘dynafit/tech’, unique shock absorbing zeppa, lightweight triax plastic.

In the past most expert level skiers with a narrow foot would need to be in a race boot for maximum performance.  Over the last several years Tecnica had a model in the AGENT collection that got ‘those guys’ what they needed to get by, which was essentially a race boot that looked cool.  NOW, with the Bodacious, it not only accommodates the needs for ‘those guys’, but exceeds anything they have seen.  I’ll review a few components that make this boot so special.

With the Lightweight plastic (TRIAX) the boot is extremely light for hiking around the backcountry/sidecountry and even walking from your SUV to the CHAIRLIFT to the BAR.  From a performance standpoint it makes the swing weight of the boot much more favorable and easy. It just makes skiing easier. When I first skied the boot, it ran a tad large due to the needed size breaks to accommodate our design of all replaceable toes/heels to be ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  I would recommend downsizing one size if you want maximum performance. Regardless of the size being a tad too large, I still got an amazing feeling from the boot.  Stiff and responsive yet extremely LIGHT!

The first question many shop employees asked was ‘is the triax plastic still easy to work on?’…YES!  We had to downsize Clem and did the necessary work to make them work for him and he is HAPPY with the fit.  When grinding Triax, you just need to use your foredom at a slow pace.  As for punching the boot, it works as well as the best plastics made for race boots and high level boots.

Replaceable Tecnigrip Toe & Heel lugs offers just enough grip for hiking the Palisades at Squaw Valley or back to California Chute at Kirkwood. In addition to the Tecnigrip soles is the arch grip built in between the toe and heel lug for added grip on rocks or snowmobile. The versatility comes into play for those who enjoy dynafit bindings. You can easily replace the Tecnigrip soles with dynafit compatible lugs. This allows you to enjoy the downhill portion of your backcountry experience with the performance of skiing in your everyday ski boot!

I’m completely in love with this boot because of the versatility and performance.  The thing that sticks out to me everyday I ski on it is the fact it’s sooo light…it makes me feel like a god-damn ninja!!


As previously mentioned the soles are one-size-fits-all.  Because the Bodacious is a darivative of another collection of boots and only 1 boot in the FREEMOUNTAIN collection, we are able to put ‘dynafit/tech’ compatible soles on ANY Demon boot or ANY Freemountain boot.  For example, Tucker Patton (PNH Guide and all around BRO) has the most mangled feet on the planet.  His foot and ski ability put him into the Demon 130 for the tail end of the season.  He was able to put dynafit soles on these boots as well.  The versatility of the entire line is mind-blowing when you think of all the possibilities and how many different people can use our boots no matter what type of skiing or skier they are!

The special thing about Arne’s ideas in both the ski and boot side is that they aren’t just your ‘typical signature ski or signature boot’.  Tecnica and Blizzard were able to take these ideas and utilize in a full COLLECTION of both SKIS and BOOTS.  Amazing work by the product developers to make this happen.  Think about FLIPCORE and the amount of models offer this technology…think about the features of the BODACIOUS with replaceable TOE/HEELS for both DIN and DYNAFIT capabilities in multiple ski boot models within Tecnica.  It’s truly amazing…Thanks ARNE!

CHECK OUT THIS LINK: / From Prototype to Production

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  1. Tricia says:

    Thank you for sharing the back story, features, and ideas around this boot.

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