2012 Blizzard Bushwacker Ski Review

Here is a good review of the Bushwacker from Phil, hardgoods editor at Epicski.com:

June 5, 2011 at 7:37 pm
Reviewed by Philpug
Pros: Light, Lively and playful as a puppy
Cons: High speed and hard snow

The Bushwacker is the entry to the Flipcore series and is one of the best $699.00 skis for the 2012 ski season. Here is the best part- the Bushwacker is only $599.00. I don’t know how Blizzard is doing it but where most manufacturers have a star here or there in their line, Blizzard has a line up akin to the ’75 Cincinnati Reds, a line up packed with MVP’s.

The Bushwacker, with its underfoot camber and early rise tip and tail, is a great playful 88mm waisted ski that will be as fun off piste along with on the groomers. In the 88mm category, the Bush is more off piste bias than most.

Other skis in class: Rossignol Experience 88, Kastle BMX88 and Line Prophet 90

Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Sugarbowl & Winterpark

Number of Runs: 2 days

Snow Conditions: Everything but boilerplate

Demo or Own: DEMO

Tester Info:

Username: Philpug

Age: 47

Height/Weight: 5’10” 190lb

Ski Days/Season: 60

Years Skiing: 35

Aggressiveness: Aggressive(Driver)

Current Quiver: Kastle MX88, Blizzard Bonafide, DPS112 Pure

Home Area: Northstar/Squaw

Preferred Terrain: bumps, off-piste, trees

11 Responses to 2012 Blizzard Bushwacker Ski Review

  1. Muffy says:

    Hi…. looking for a little help. I took some demo runs on the Blizzard Bushwacker today and loved them. But curious about the difference between that and the Black Pearl. The mountain is sold out of the Black Pearl so no chance to demo them here. Are they the same ski with different cover or are there differences? I am an intermediate skier. Female age 48, capable of skiing most terrain but not a very aggressive skier. Any suggestions? Thx

  2. Art Honegger says:

    It’s been a tough year to try various conditions with my new Bushwackers in the Tahoe Basin: no snow most of the winter = hardpack, hardpack, very hard pack, etc.

    I finally got the chance to do some freshies in the trees, though it was very heavy snow. The skis came through ith flying colors! Smooth curvy turns in the snug tree lanes. I have read the description through the years of some skis being “playful.” These are the first skis I’ve ever been on that fit that description to a “T”. They’re also very light and eager to turn. I’m stoked!

    Gratefully, Art
    Age 66, 5′ 9″, 195, ski about 12 days a season. Just finished year 48 of skiing (what a gift!), and a lifetime total of 634 days; favorite terrain: Powder in the trees.

    Thanks, Stormdaysales!

  3. Ms402402 says:

    I am considering the 2012/13 Bushwacker, and would appreciate your advice. I’m 36 years old, 6’0″ tall, 210lbs and out of shape. I ski Colorado resorts, like carving groomers, skiing light trees, and even enjoy moguls on occassion. My current ski is the 2010 Blizzard Magnum 7.6 in 170 cm (now feeling a bit too short). Looking for some more powder versatility and intrigued with something wider, last year I purchased the 187 Bonafides, and was not pleased with them. They felt way too long, and I was holding them back all day as they just wanted to fly down the Colorado (hard packed) slopes. After day 4 (and some Steamboat powder) they began to feel better, but I still did not completely feel in control. I am wondering what ski you recommend for me. I’m considering the 173 Bonafide, 180 Bonafide, or 180 Bushwacker. This year I’ll be skiing Winter Park (bumps) and Steamboat (trees and hopefully powder). My total ski days will number around 10. Thank you very much for you assistance.

    • Hi-
      I’d say 180 Bushwacker should have been the ski for you from the get go to progress from. Going from a 170 7.6 to a 187 Bonafide is kinda a big jump. Id say the 180 Bushwacker would be a great option for what you want to do.

  4. rick Post says:

    Bought a pair of ‘wackers last fall, the ski was enjoyable in powder but felt hooky,wanting to carry thru turns farther that I like. Thought this may be just me as I have been skiing on twin tips almost exclusively for the last 6-8 years( pocket rockets, silencers, shoguns) and they seem to release quicker and tend to encourage a person to “not complete ” thier turns, but after talking to a couple of people that were riding bushwacker demos’ and hearing that they had almost identical opinions, and they were also TT riders. I think a person may want to demo a pair prior to purchase.

  5. Rick Post says:

    SDS, if this was to rick not scott, mainly northern rockies and UT. Montana exclusively last year. Had the wackers in a local (billings) shop- guy said he would detune them and see how i felt about them then. seemed to know ‘zacly what i was talking about when i described the feeling of this ski.
    Not gonna give up on them just yet. As far as what i ski, the freshies when they are there and then bumps.the whole mountian as long as its not iced and there is enough cover groomers are not my idea of skiing. My idea of nirvana is covered bumps!! (I quite comin off stuff years ago)

    • Yeah just get them De-Tuned. THe tips may be a touch sharp. Everyone that got on those last year loved how playful they were, good in the bumps, soft snow etc, but still held a great edge.Hope that helps.


  6. Elvis says:

    Hey Clem,

    Another in the never ending “what size” requests… I’m thinking of a set of Bushwackers for my son. 14 year old, great skier. 5′ 9″ or 10″ and a bit less than 150 pounds (ah, youth). I think he’s on a set old 168 cm Volkl Super Sport 5-stars now. We ski mostly East on a mix of groomers, woods, etc. Thoughts on 173 vs. 180? Thanks for the help. By the way, you helped me find acquire a set of Bonafides last year. Hands down the best ski I have ever skied. Thanks for the help.

    • Thanks Elvis!

      Man, that’s a tough call. I’d say 180 for his size, 5’10″at age 14… I don’t think he’s gonna get any smaller! I think it’d be fine, and for sure good for a couple seasons. The length will be good in softer, broken up snow.


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