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  1. todd Doshier says:


    I am considering changing skis and I’m looking at the blizzard bonafide. I am an advanced skier who is 6 ft and 170. I ski mostly in the spring and want just one ski. I ski about 10-15 days per year and have been skiing on Salomon 176 tornados for the last three years. I ski mostly blue and black runs and not real aggressive anymore but still ski bumps and powder as well. I dont always get a lot of powder since our schedule has a tendency to be pretty fixed so its mostly groomed slopes.

    My questions for the Bonafide are how do they relate to the Tornados for (1) stability; (2) bumps; (3) ease of turns (4) speed and (5) overall ease of skiing. How long is the transition to the fatter ski in you opinion? I have read a lot of reviews on the skis but would like your help on these specific areas if possible. Also, it is my understanding that last years modle and this year are identical except for graphics. Lastly, what length would you recommend.

    I will be skiing Yellowstone Club and Teluride this spring. I may try and demo the skis if they have them.

    Thanks for all the help.


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